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Three... Two... One... Liftoff!

A few Mechanical Masterminds teammates get ready for a daily practice in 2019 season

The "Destination: Deep Space" 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition has begun, and the team couldn't be more stoked. Already, they are making computer sketches and plans for the robot for this year's challenging game. To learn more about this year's challenge, click here.

Being a second year team, and combining forces with TNT (Mentor Todd's former team), Mechanical Masterminds will see the fruits of everything they learned as a rookie team and truly embrace the excitement of FRC. They will work together in new ways with some new faces to develop a product that not only showcases the team as a whole, but each and every intelligent mind within. We hope this year is beyond well for members, parents, coaches, and mentors, and may "Destination: Deep Space" begin!

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